Flat Roofing Specialists

Some roofs can be beyond repair. Depending on the type of roof you require, flat or pitched roof, we can offer a bespoke quote to remove your old roof and install a new. All work is guaranteed and undertaken by experienced roofing specialists. Our proven testing methods help us detect small leaks quickly, and we’re confident we can help you find a long-term solution. Our specialist understanding on all types of roofing membranes means we can deliver tailored advice and uncover any deficiencies quickly, whilst you’re always guaranteed a detailed report on our findings. We are the only flat roof specialist to merge together all testing methods, so we can also deliver a package that tests the entire building envelope if required.

Us here at Holland Roofing East Ltd, specialise in Bituminous Felt systems, Single Ply, Liquid Waterproofing and Green Roofing; offering a solution for every flat roofing project. We work closely with our suppliers and manufacturers to provide the best roofing solution and expert knowledge and support for your projects needs and requirements from start to finish.

Bituminous Felt System
Liquid Roofing Systems
Green Roofing Systems